The Face Behind The Fins

Brianna Lake

How is a mermaid mer-MADE? It's not surprising to know that the appropriately named Brianna Lake grew up as a fan of Disney's The Little Mermaid (as many 4 year old girls were). Ariel's world of Atlantica was a spark that lit a desire in Brianna to pursue a more exciting aquatic life, a spark which kept growing and growing. From staring at her fishy friends in tanks in restaurants, or the odd glimpse of an undersea pal in the wild, she took to water herself as she started swimming at a young age. Then, when she turned 10, she saw the movie Splash and that was that. Mermaids were a REAL WORLD thing you could aspire into being and that was exactly what Brianna was going to be. Her hair grew long to match her idols. She handcrafted her first tail out of a pair of her mother's leather pants and blue swim fins with a shawl thrown around them.  Sadly this tail was barely functional for posing, let alone swimming. Frustrated, but not defeated, she searched out those who made the REAL faux mermaid tails and quickly found the astounding work of Splash's own mermaid tail maker, Thom Shouse. Thom made tails, not just for feature films, but for regular people to buy and use. This discovery was almost too amazing for any young mermaid to-be to fathom. Though these expensive, yet astounding, tails were still a treasure too pricy for young Brianna, she still managed to train with a less expensive monofin and continued to dream.

In the spring of 2006, Brianna finally took the investment to get her first fabric tail. It was a whole new experience from any other swimming she had ever trained for or experienced, and once again she fell in love with the idea of really being a mermaid.

In 2008 Brianna started up her mermaid page on Facebook. Whenever she swam in public the joy and awe she saw in the eyes of onlookers inspired her to keep swimming for more than just personal recreation, but as a growing professional business.

A recreational swimmer throughout high-school, Brianna graduated with honours and took to a pursuit of her other love; acting. She secured an agent, and began the stressful experience of auditioning all around Vancouver. Within 3 months she booked her first speaking role in a feature film (Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2). Once filming ended she found herself accepted to the Walt Disney World Cultural Representative Program in Orlando, Florida. She had 6 months until her Disney experience, so she took a chance and got in touch with Thom Shouse, and was lucky enough to travel several times to California to model some of his amazing tails. A highlight of her mermaid career to be certain.

From 2011 to 2012 Brianna worked at her new post in the Canadian Pavillion in Walt Disney World's EPCOT theme park where she greeted guests and tourists from all over the world and educated them about the beautiful country she calls home.

She brought more than her passion and excitement to Disney World as she would also take time to go to the many pools and hotels to swim in her fin for the delight of guests and cast members alike. She got to bring a bit of Pacific Canadian mermaid magic with her to the Florida park, and it shared her love with many more future fans young and old.

Recently returned to Vancouver, Brianna keeps on acting, modeling, performing and swimming.

You never know when you may see her swimming around the city!