The mermaid is a creature of legend, pursued by many, seen by few, and captured only in tall tales. However, Oceana is known to be very outgoing, and is more than happy to share her unique brand of fantastical-finned mermaid magic with you. Oceana is one of the most realistic mythical creatures you'll ever be lucky enough to see with a professional movie-grade silicone tail, and a bubbly and energetic personality to match her under-water whimsy. Below you'll see a list of talents that Oceana is ready to share. For more details please feel free to drop her a line (but no hooks) using the "contact us" page or contact Oceana directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions or quotes.

  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES - Custom mermaid party for your little ones with entertainment, games and a present from Oceana herself.
  • PROMOTIONAL ADVERTISING - Mermaids draw a crowd just with a flip of the tail, get attention in a big way.
  • CHARITY EVENTS / FUNDRAISERS - A fundraiser that is memorable is a fundraiser that gets discussed, Oceana can bring flair and interest to any room she enters.
  • SOCIAL EVENTS - Create an event you and your friends will talk about forever with the unique addition of a mermaid to your party.
  • MODELING SHOOTS - Oceana's beautiful and realistic tail and fins make an amazing and unique addition to any photo.
  • NYOTAIMORI- BODY SUSHI- Oceana can add a special "splash" to this artistic way of serving seafood.
  • POOL PARTY/FILM WRAP PARTIES/LARGE-SCALE FUNCTIONS - If you have a body of water at your party it's the perfect place for the surprising and intriguing talents of the Oceana to be truly showcased. Be the highlight of the parties in your social circle for months to come with this living centerpiece to your event.


Questions and Rates available through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through this site's contact page